Changing the game for networking events

For a fee, we provide event organisers access to our GDPR-compliant app, allowing attendees to seamlessly stay connected, whilst also passing connection information directly back to their own event app.

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Unrivalled understanding

We are changing how event organisers facilitate networking.

At networking events, event organisers struggle to provide an effective networking facility for attendees. This leads to a poor user experience and a lack of engagement in their own event app.


Event integrates app into their marketing

Once an event organiser signs up to use Intro at their upcoming event, they integrate it into their marketing, encouraging event organisers to download it prior to the event. Intro can also be integrated into their current event app.


Attendees seamlessly network

With the app downloaded, attendees seamlessly connect with each other nearby using Intro’s ultrasonic wireless capabilities.


Event receives powerful analytics

Through our tailored dashboard and graphical heat maps, event organisers can finally understand how attendees are using their space, providing vital analytics for future marketing and organisation.

Proactive engagement

Rapidly convert customers like never before.

With one tap, event attendees can quickly save details to their phone, connect on social media and find out more information about each other. With our soon-to-be-released wireless beacons, we can even provide users with a seamless way to engage with nearby businesses attending events. This facility also allows the business to better understand the customer interested in them through enhanced opt-in demographic information.

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Revolutionary Tech. First Class Privacy.

Intro uses state-of-the-art wireless tech to make connecting seamless without sacrificing privacy. All data collected is totally anonymised unless customers have expressly given permission via our app.

Intro has been built from the ground-up with privacy in mind. We have worked very closely with a number of privacy and security specialists to ensure Intro is fully compliant with all UK & EU privacy and security laws, including GDPR. Check out our privacy policy to learn more.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why use Intro?

If you organise a networking event, we can help you to transform how attendees engage with your event and any event app you use at the moment.

Cant Intro integrate with my current event app?

Absolutely. We can provide a seamless integration, allowing attendees to find each other with Intro and then stay connected on your own app.

What is your privacy policy?

It's right here.

Who are you?

We are a team of 7 dedicated people based in Southampton, UK.

How much is Intro?

We operate a scalable pricing system to fit your needs, accommodating everything from a one-off event to constant usage. Please get in touch to find out more.

Does the app benefit me?

Along with helping the attendee, the facility also allows the event organiser to better understand the customer interested in them through enhanced opt-in demographic information above what is provided as standard.

What are your beacons?

Our wireless beacons are a distinct, upcoming product which provide analytics to businesses attending events on all customers walking through a space whilst proactively targeting customers who have opted in.