Rapidly connect with anyone nearby.

Intro is a brand new app that removes the barriers to building new relationships. Whether it's two students wanting to add each other on Facebook, or a recruiter looking to onboard a prospective graduate, Intro revolutionises the way they connect online.

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Student to Student

We are changing the way students start relationships.

When students meet each other today, those critical first few moments are disrupted by the fumbling social media search in order to stay connected. Intro revolutionises this interaction, making staying connected seamless, not a hindrance.

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Tap on someone nearby

Find people in your immediate vicinity right on the home screen.


Reveal full details

One tap on someone reveals their relevant public information.


Rapidly add them on social

Save their profile for later or connect with them in one tap on social, phone or email.

Student to Partner

Onboarding will never be the same again.

Through students tapping onto our unique wireless readers, Intro rapidly speeds up the time it takes for students to connect with our partners, such as recruiters, societies and companies marketing to students.

We are launching our partner programme free-of-charge, get in touch now to learn more.

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Clean. Pretty. Rapid.

Revolutionary Discovery

Find people in the immediate vicinity in seconds.

First Class Privacy

Intro is fully GDPR compliant and is very respectful of user privacy.

Handcrafted Design

Intro has been thoughtfully developed with students in mind.

Rapid Connecting

Intro uses the latest and greatest wireless technology.

Seamless Sign-up

Start using the app in seconds thanks to automatic profile curation.

(Very) Smart Prompts

Forgot to connect with someone new? Intro will give you a nudge.


Revolutionary Tech. First Class Privacy.

Intro uses a combination of state-of-the-art wireless tech to make connecting seamless without sacrificing privacy. It combines Bluetooth Classic, BLE, Wi-Fi and ultrasonic sound to make connecting rapid and seamless.

Intro has been built from the ground-up with privacy in mind. We have worked very closely with a number of privacy and security specialists to ensure Intro is fully compliant with all UK & EU privacy and security laws, including GDPR. Check out our privacy policy to learn more.

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